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Respecting your elders is now a relic from the past. But what are the dangers of an increasingly youth-centric society?

Treasure Beach

Fashion, Travel

Part 1 of my Jamaican travel diary <3

The Silhouette Of Spring


Cropped jeans and high ankle boots = everyone’s doing it.

What Do You Wear When Your Dungarees Split?


Why, the same pair of jeans you’ve been wearing the 4 days previous of course.

Is Chivalry Dead, Sugar?

Social Commentary

Can a woman pay for a man’s dinner? And what happens when she does?

My River Island Masterclass

Fashion, Styling

Spring classics, the seventies trend and some kicking River Island product. Come watch my masterclass!

Let Me Tell You A Tale


When a name is just a name and *not* the most famous luxury brand in the world.

Be Careful What You Tweet For

Social Commentary

And why sometimes you need to be protected from even your own views.

The Redux Levi’s 501


Before denim got trendy, there were Levi’s 501s. Let us consider the irony, then, that they are spring’s must-have.

My Big Idea

Fashion, Social Commentary

ASOS invited me to speak on a panel about how to get into the fashion industry and more. Watch it here!

Dorkify Your Denim


Air your ankles and be the clown.

One Woman’s Heaven….


Is another woman’s hell. I’m OK with that – so welcome on in!