Social Commentary | 17th October 2016

Every woman has had her ‘pussy grabbed’ either literally or metaphorically in her life – but unlike ‘girls will be girls’, which has whole sub-genres dedicated to its bitchiness, ‘boys will be boys’ goes unchecked.

Fashion | 13th October 2016

And other logos.

Published Work | Social Commentary | 9th October 2016

In the light of the ‘ furore’ regarding bloggers versus magazines, I’ve written about my duality as a journalist and blogger for The Sunday Times Style. And yuh, Carrie would’ve *definitely* been one.

Fashion | 7th October 2016

Hoink hoink! It was summer in New Yoink.

Fashion | Styling | 2nd October 2016

The campaign and lookbook shoots for Charlotte Simone AW16, styled by me. Photographed by Nicholas Kay.

Fashion | 26th September 2016

In my alias as Wardrobe Mistress of The Sunday Times Style, I’ve lost how count of how many suits I’ve worn in my column. In my tenure I’ve donned the…

Social Commentary | 20th September 2016

In the Paris Hilton days, bottoms were an after-thought, pancaked in low-rise denim. Now? They’re the main event. With a buttock implant procedure taking place in the US *every 30 mins*, I dig deeper into the body politics…

Fashion | 16th September 2016

Fishnets? White boots? Throw in a plunging cleavage and let’s really give them something to talk about.

Travel | 8th September 2016

An August I took a jaunt to two Croatian islands: one “wellness”, one “party”. And found that actually, both were pretty similar…

Fashion | 29th August 2016

Forget diamonds! It’s [this] girl’s [most persistent] friend.

Fashion | Social Commentary | 25th August 2016

By someone who works in fashion.

Travel | 17th August 2016

Feeling hot hot hot.