Fashion | 26th December 2016

Or can small changes – even the most irrelevant-seeming, to your life/look – actually be life-affirming?

Social Commentary | 23rd December 2016

Because at Christmas, 10 just doesn’t cover it.

Fashion | 19th December 2016

It’s a chicken and egg situation.

Social Commentary | 12th December 2016

Is “my body, my choice” a hackneyed cliche – or a legitimate feminist rhetoric? And are nude selfies an expression of personal choice – or a danger to the teenage psyche? A big fat discussion, right here.

Fashion | 8th December 2016

And the return of the striped jumper.

Fashion | 28th November 2016

To which I utter the immortal words: what would Clemence Poesy do?

Social Commentary | 21st November 2016

From the faux bashful pose to the intimation that we must close our eyes to the ugly things in life; the eye-shielding primate is the emoji I hate the most….

Fashion | 15th November 2016

Bearing homage to Justin Hawkins, Carine Roitfeld, Bowie and (curve ball) my dad.

Fashion | 9th November 2016

Did you know that the panettone sells better than some styles of mince pie?

Fashion | 7th November 2016

And all women are ‘real’.

Fashion | Travel | 2nd November 2016

Notes from Tokyo – and the first instalment of my new One To Watch franchise: Tome.

Published Work | Social Commentary | 27th October 2016

Yes! It’s another article that includes the phrase “pussy grabbing”. If you’re not already obsessed, may i introduce you to the anti-slut shaming podcast, Guys We Fucked? I interviewed the New York-based comic duo, for i-D.