Fashion | 28th November 2016

To which I utter the immortal words: what would Clemence Poesy do?

Social Commentary | 21st November 2016

From the faux bashful pose to the intimation that we must close our eyes to the ugly things in life; the eye-shielding primate is the emoji I hate the most….

Fashion | 15th November 2016

Bearing homage to Justin Hawkins, Carine Roitfeld, Bowie and (curve ball) my dad.

Fashion | 9th November 2016

Did you know that the panettone sells better than some styles of mince pie?

Fashion | 7th November 2016

And all women are ‘real’.

Fashion | Travel | 2nd November 2016

Notes from Tokyo – and the first instalment of my new One To Watch franchise: Tome.

Published Work | Social Commentary | 27th October 2016

Yes! It’s another article that includes the phrase “pussy grabbing”. If you’re not already obsessed, may i introduce you to the anti-slut shaming podcast, Guys We Fucked? I interviewed the New York-based comic duo, for i-D.

Published Work | Social Commentary | 25th October 2016

We are often advised to take it easy on ourselves – but in an age of constant public expression, have we forgotten how to be polite to others too? Recently, someone wrote the following to me” “You don’t know how to wear your FACE.” I reflect on this, and other stories, for The Dolly Mail…

Fashion | 23rd October 2016

And why you shouldn’t dismiss vintage shoes.

Social Commentary | 17th October 2016

Every woman has had her ‘pussy grabbed’ either literally or metaphorically in her life – but unlike ‘girls will be girls’, which has whole sub-genres dedicated to its bitchiness, ‘boys will be boys’ goes unchecked.

Fashion | 13th October 2016

And other logos.

Published Work | Social Commentary | 9th October 2016

In the light of the ‘ furore’ regarding bloggers versus magazines, I’ve written about my duality as a journalist and blogger for The Sunday Times Style. And yuh, Carrie would’ve *definitely* been one.