Published Work | 23rd February 2017

I made a video with Esteé Lauder #ConfidenceUncovered to talk about how much (sidetone: it’s much) I love words.

Fashion | Published Work | 21st February 2017

Even Christopher Kane bejewelled ones… I accepted the challenge set for me by Man Repeller.

Fashion | Social Commentary | 17th February 2017

And are designers right to refuse to dress Melania? Fashion (and) politics: let’s talk about the current synapses.

Fashion | Published Work | 16th February 2017

The chatter that we are ‘over’ trends is, of course, disingenuous. Whether it be in fashion, politics or culture, there will always be clustering around familiar ideals. But there is a rediscovered focus on idiosyncratic styling choices. It’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it…. I wrote about personal style for MATCHESFASHION.COM.

Styling | 13th February 2017

Styling and creative direction for Hunza G’s new collection, The Bow Collection.

Travel | 6th February 2017

From Bogotá to Medellín; Cartagena to Providencia – here is all that I learnt of the vast and varied Republic of Colombia.

Fashion | Published Work | 4th February 2017

The Lock Stock to offset your Legally Blonde; I wrote about why and how I love the pink suit for Man Repeller.

Social Commentary | 31st January 2017

Hygge; clean-eating; lagom. We need to stop being so ‘woke’ with our lifestyles. I wrote about the ‘lang-geist’ for Spectator LIFE.

Pop Culture | 24th January 2017

Madonna marched; and I fell in love. After a lifetime of impartiality, here’s why I’ve suddenly – and forcefully – become a Madge fangirl.

Fashion | 26th December 2016

Like: a fringe. And then, a beret.

Social Commentary | 23rd December 2016

Because at Christmas, 10 just doesn’t cover it.

Fashion | 19th December 2016

It’s a chicken and egg situation.