A Debrief Import: OAP Friendly With A Soupçon Of Sass

As I explained when I started at The Debrief as Fashion Editor, from time to time I will be sharing shoots that I have done there. This is a shoot I did in the spirit of specific scenario of having dinner with gran then drinks with your man - with no time to change in between. Niche, right? And I don't even have a living granny. Sad face. But the concept remains the same; something OAP friendly that also has a few secret sexifiers in there.

You can't move for suede over the knee boots right now. But they're not just for sultry smarts. Haul them into granny-friendly evening wear by pairing with a fuzzy wuzzy knit (grannies love soft things) and a tartan skirt. Your gran will love the knit because it's retro and makes you look like a shiny-faced schoolgirl, whilst your foxy new fella - if he's got even the slightest inkling about fashion - will appreciate the supercool 90s vibes and most importantly, the sex-me-later boots. And isn't that what's important?

Sauciness aside, patent leather is having a moment - which is where you divide things. On the top half, you keep things safe-orientated with an aran jumper that will remind your gran about the time you went to Ireland and it pissed with rain but you sat by the fire and ate boiled toffees. (Wait - was that a Werthers Original advert?) On the bottom half, you're keeping things a bit sexier. And those humbug striped mesh sandals from Christopher Kane? Well they're just the stuff of dreams. PS: always include a few all-age neutralisers like a velvet scrunch and quilted handbag.

Photographs by Baker & Evans

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  1. I love niche scenarios! And I love both these outfits!x