That's IT? Why It Might Be Time To Break Away From The 'It' Item...

I've written an article for the April issue of Company about the lure of the 'it' item - the 'it' bag (first one ever was Prada's nylon knapsack circa 1996, FYI) the 'it' foods (hello bloody kale and quinoa) the 'it' girls (forever Chung).

Is the 'it' culture homogenous and prescriptive? Perhaps it's time to break out of cruise control and start fostering some induhpendence.... You can read more in the 'Freelance Work' tab on the homepage. Or buy it. Yeah.

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  1. Loved this article! And when you mentioned the Isabel Marant trousers and Kenzo eye, it reminded me of this brilliant tumblr.. http://shitbloggerswear.tumblr.com/ ! xx