What Do You Wear On A Date - That Might Not Actually Be A Date?

This shoot I styled for The Debrief deals with a common, ever tricksy scenario. We've all been on one. The date-you-aren't-sure-is-actually-a-date. You've texted like 40 times in the last two days and you feel like you know him intimately. But you still haven't actually even snogged. And now you're hanging out this Saturday, but... is it a hang out, or a hook up?

It's tough. And it's so easy to make the wrong call. 'I bet he's not into me so I will just wear my boyfriend jeans and Converse', you think. Then he takes you to some totally suave upside down, back-to-front, reverse lit bar where the cocktails are served in ancient pieces of lava and you feel like a total nerd for getting it wrong. Or, on the flip side, you dress up like the proverbial dog's dinner, all bodycon boobs and trembly stilettos. Then he takes you to a gig and spends all his time flirting with the girl he just met, whilst you miserably fail to stop the drunk dickhead next to you spilling his tinny all over your boobs. 

Let me save you from that pain and misery. Strike it from all angles, folks. Look kinda smart, kinda relaxed, kinda cool, kinda sexy. It's not easy alchemy; but I've done it for you.

Shot by Baker & Evans for The Debrief.
Model Lydia Graham at Models 1.

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