Searching for Summer – with Vogue Spain


When Vogue Spain asked me to shoot some of my favourite summer looks for their July 2016 issue, I had no idea that this might be the only time I’d wear summer clothes in London FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER. At least, it feels that way. And I keep leaving my ritziest umbrellas in branches of John Lewis (my happy place.) My summer ethos runs the gamut from nautical trousers (these ones from Uterque are the gift that keeps on giving) to white linen (a bitch to keep unwrinkled, I can’t lie), via a ton of great sandals and mini skirts, always.

Perhaps it was because I had just returned from my honeymoon, as a married and therefore newly definable woman (I’m kidding; more like I hadn’t thought about fashun for 3 weeks) but I found myself desperate to make sure that these looks were an ‘accurate’ representation of my style. I was worried that the overarching impression wouldn’t be one of ‘me’ – which is something strange that happens when someone asks you to describe yourself; what’s your favourite movie? Your favourite food? Your favourite jacket? You find yourself hard pressed to come up with the answer that best describes you. It’s like Brexit for your wardrobe. I’m kidding! It’s really nothing like Brexit – but it’s June 23rd, so no matter what I was publishing today, a reference was inevitable.



One element I wanted to include is how I would wear one piece, two ways. This Rouje skirt and Hanes t-shirt is my favourite retro-easy double act for the summer (even if the skirt is so short it’s basically a minge fringe.) I’m obsessed with blazers at the moment (see Sunday’s Wardrobe Mistress column.) I can’t work out why I wrote them off for too long; I think I was yet to realise that they can don’t have to be worn with ‘business-casual’ separates and can actually far more bomdiggidy when worn with t-shirts and denim.

vogue 6



And of course, an ever-present favourite: a long silk dress with chunky black boots. A classic mix-up of the elements, that – even against an equally lilac background, this lilac Lily and Lionel dress (on sale – go buy! It’s the prettiest thing in my wardrobe RN) avoids a surplus of saccharine when grounded with stumpy Celine boots. I’ve found that whenever an outfit feels ‘off’ for me – too girly, too grown-up, a pair of black boots always work. It’s a theory I’ve been expounding since I bought my first pair of biker boots from Gap aged 19. I actually still have them – and will be dusting them off, as soon as I finish writing this…



Photos by Eva K. Salvi for Vogue Spain July 2016 | Hair by Hershesons

I’m wearing a Gül Hürgel linen dress, Rachel Comey brogues and Christie Nicolaides Atlas earrings | Magda Butrym Bilbao blazer, Re Done Hanes tee, Rouje Elodie skirt, Marais Jardin sandals and vintage Louis Vuitton handbag | Lily and Lionel silk Dia dress (NOW ON  SALE) and Celine Rodeo boots | Racil blazer, Re Done Hanes tee, Rouje Elodie skirt, Erdem Aerin flats, Annelise Michelson earrings and Chanel handbag | Staud Jimmy sweater, Uterque trousers, Balenciaga bag and Miu Miu heels (NOW ON  SALE).

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