A Roman Toga Party

When in Rome! Etcetera, etcetera. Not quite a toga party and not quite Rome, but near enough. Loose silky separates – if I had the stature of Michaelangelo I would wear the shirt loose over the drop hem skirt – are given some Ancient Roman (or Greek, you could argue) relevance with these tie-up leather sandals, which have been my bargain of the summer. I had a pair from H&M like these, for many years and rue the day I lost them. These guys, whilst not being overly comfortable for long walks, have totally filled the void. Now all that’s left is for me to rue, rue, rue the Bellevue Syrene – whilst Natwest also mourns, but for very different reasons.

I’m wearing an Equipment Gavin Shirt, old River Island Skirt, ASOS Fairy Sandals and a Dogeared Circle Necklace

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