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Should Celebrities Speak More Openly About Politics?

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Lady Gaga, by German magazine, ZEIT, published recently: ZEIT: What is your Fuck-you-Donald-Trump message? Nick the record label man interrupts immediately: “Moritz, can we please take out this question?” But she does answer. GAGA: Quiet, please. ZEIT: What is your Fuck-you-Vladimir-Putin message? Nick in the corner, louder: […]

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The Return of ’00s Denim | Man Repeller

This piece was written for Man Mischa Barton in a pleated, denim mini skirt and slingbacks. Justin and Britney pre-empting “couple goalz” in a mash-up of patchwork denim. Christina Aguilera in lace-up, pube-skimming pinstripe jeans. And don’t get me started on Miss Sixty’s line of statement, low-rise flares. It took me three months to […]

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Meet The ‘Power Legging’ | The Telegraph

This piece was written for the 28th March edition of The Telegraph newspaper. Two months after MPs ruled it should be illegal for women to be required to wear high heels in the workplace, we face a new tyranny on the female wardrobe: specifically, the legging (to use its fashion singular). On Sunday night a furore […]

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