Another Level (Of Layering)


My first experience with the whole skirt-over-trousers look is memorable. I was 10 and off to a disco, clad in patchwork¬†flares, underneath a wrap skirt covered in a vaguely oriental print. There were butterfly clips in my hair and springs on my Adidas glasses (contact lenses couldn’t come quick enough) and they were playing, completely inappropriately in hindsight, Another Level’s I Wanna Get Freaky With You.

Now it’s happening again but there are less springs, I’ve actually snogged someone and there’s not a print in sight. Which, for me, is unusual. But I’m really into sneaking these super fitted leather leggings from Alice + Olivia under my skirts, instead of tights. I love the details of this Topshop skirt: the D-ring belt, the split skirt and the un-hemmed hem, meaning that there’s every chance it’s going to fray to fuck. Wearing pastels in winter is pretty difficult, so it’s all down to workable layering. I’d say my favourite sartorial hobby right now is layering. I can’t believe I used to be ‘anti’ layers (how is it even possible to be ‘anti’ layers? God I’m a dick sometimes.) So, skirt over trousers. Here we are again, full circle. Peace out 1997.


I’m wearing an M & S men’s sweater, Topshop skirt, Alice + Olivia trousers, Kurt Geiger courts and a Reformation clutch.

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