Baby got back

I’m writing this from West Hollywood, with an eXtreme case of food poisoning — courtesy of Chateau Marmont. I bet this never happened to Li Lo. However, I’ll put the illness aside, to pay eternal homage to ‘the backless’.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved dresses and blouses that are cut high at the front, whilst exposing the back. I can remember one of my favourite ever tops such as these was a green, perforated halterneck with contrast yellow piping from H&M. It was as revolting as it sounds and I do believe my fixation with it was merely because it was backless. JT would be proud.

ASOS is particularly good for backless shenanigans, but my current favourite is this dress by US label (a label currently enjoying some serious body time on that of the super-annuated supermod, Karlie Kloss), The Reformation. Suffice to say I did my debit card some serious damage in their store on Melrose.

I’m wearing the Dove┬ádress by The Reformation and vintage shoes.

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