Before Saint Laurent, There Was Yves


Want to know how to score a bargain? Eschew the (whisper it) tempting yet over-priced Saint Laurent duds and search for vintage Yves Saint Laurent, from the Rive Gauche era (probs 80s.) This is one of my most favourite silk dresses, a riotous explosion of Edwardian meets Boden-type print, and the sleeves are worthy of poetry. Maybe. Even better, it cost the same as a dress from Whistles. Hell, probably less than a dress from Whistles.

Everyone needs a few pieces in thier sartorial arsenal that they can whip out on a fat day, without it being too obvious that you’re having a fat day. When I feel bloated, I don’t want trousers with their restrictive waistbands, or mini skirts liable to flash thigh dimples. I don’t want anything tight, but neither – because I’m a contrary sod, like most of you – do I want to look like I’m wearing a sack. Cinch this guy with an exemplary belt, and you’ve got, with the aid of a shiny little ankle booty*, my fail-safe outfit that I pull out once a week.



*Sidenote: these boots offer further proof that Topshop is the best store on the high street for shoes.

I’m wearing a vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress via Vestiaire Collective, a Diesel Black Gold studded belt, Topshop boots, a Whistles bag, Ileana Makri x Sheriff and Cherry safety pin sunglasses and Jessie Harris Ledge Knocker earrings.

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