Big Call – But Is This The New ‘Skirt Over Trousers’?


It’s funny what works in photographs and what doesn’t; some of my sassiest garms don’t make the blog, because in photographic format they rare suddenly rendered sartorially untenable. It would be disingenuous for me, or anyone who shares their style choices online, to pretend otherwise. Take last week, in an outfit that I felt really confident in. Looking at a picture the next day, I was interested to see how huge my arse looked. Where did he spring from! I thought, in half wonder half horror. It’s not going to stop me wearing the outfit, but it’s always a little saddening when things don’t quite work out how you thought they would.

The question is, should you feel deterred by this? Should you stop wearing something because there is a disconnect between intention and perception? And perhaps, you don’t look your absolute slinkiest? I want to say no. I’m working on saying no, at least. I’m always asked, in my role as Wardrobe Mistress, “what should I wear?” or, “what’s trendy?” There is no should in personal style. That’s why it’s personal; it’s not didactic. It’s not for me to say, though I do want to help.

It can be hard to remain authentic about what you like or don’t like, especially when, say, your arse looks huge. One silhouette I’m thinking that doesn’t always translate (though I’m by no means counting it out) is trousers over skirt, which I happened to be mad about aged 11. For a 2015 update, I’m thinking an open shirt dress over a skirt. You get the long-line silhouette at the back and it’s chic in an offbeat way. It’s also risk free. How do I know that? Because I’ve photographed it. From all angles.


I’m wearing a Karen Millen Tribal embroidery dress, Reformation skirt (other colours here), Sandro handbag, Theodora Warre Gypsy hoop earrings and Topshop sandals.

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