Can Fashion’s Most ‘Fashiony’ Fashions Work IRL?


There are certain things you can expect to see careening around the various fashion weeks. If you’ve lethargically clicked your way through 180 streetstyle pictures in any given gallery with scuzzy eyes, or scrolled you way through a 200 deep Instagram update, you’ll have recognised a few things. Those backless furry Gucci loafers (so, well, impractical for all outdoor use), those ecru Chanel sling backs that look fit for an 80-year-old but instead don the lithe ankle of some 20-something fashion nymphet. I wanted both shoes, full disclosure – though I resisted and thankfully, slightly went off them when I saw them on so many other people who had clearly bought them not because they were their style; but because they were a fashion thing. I wrote about IT items a few years ago, for Company magazine, specifically how Instagram has made them even more of a blink-and-you-miss-it thing. Whose going to be wearing their furry loafers next season? It’s why with every major purchase, you have to think of longevity. At least, I do.

So it was with trepidation that I drained my current account (can someone please invent a new word for spending a lot of money, that ISN’T ‘splurge’ or ‘investment’?) for this Miu Miu blouse. There’s no question that this blouse is me. A frilly statement blouse is as essential to the diet of my wardrobe as bog roll is to the bum. Nay, my concern was how it would work outside of fashion week. Inside – that rarefied, cosseted carnival – it went down as well as I knew it would. It was a great collection, after all. But how would I wear it to… the pub? Work? On the second day of fashion week one of my best friend’s had a party in a pub and I found myself in a loo pulling my treasured shirt off and replacing with an inoffensive shell top – too tired to face the inevitable teasing. Here’s how I think I can do it, had I been more prepared. Some chimney sweeper trousers, and a low heel. Lets the shirt do the talking, but in a much less obtrusive way than here. It’s all about what you pair it with. And thank god – because I’ve made a promise to the shirt, and my bank account, that I will be wearing it for seasons beyond. Maybe, even, with an ecru slingback.



I’m wearing a Miu Miu shirt (in red, here), 1205 trousers (similar here), Topshop kitten heels and Jessie Harris Ledge Knocker earrings.

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