Can One Pair Of Shoes Service One Million Outfits?


There are plenty of cutesy colloquialisms that make me want to grab my boot straps and hurl, but when confronted with these shoes, I want to use them all. I want to tell you that I heart them, that they are amazeballs, my indubitable number 1 ‘style steal’. My raison d’ĂȘtre, if you will. There aren’t many shoes that hold ageless appeal, but I truly believe the Gucci loafer does. These ones have an added youth and verve-acious sass via their flatform which does make them more flattering on the leg. Always a bone-hus.

They aren’t cheap, obviously. They’re GUKKY, pal. But I’d saved up several gift vouchers in my hot little hand and if I didn’t commit to the cause soon, I thought I might implode. And I’m so glad I did. For to say that I love these shoes would be an understatement; to say that they don’t go with everything would be a lie. (To date, in just a week, I have also worn them with jeans, a strapless ‘party frock’, a mini skirt and leather trousers.) To say they didn’t spend a week shredding my feet to blistered fuck would also be bull. But here we are, friends throughout it and I’m thrilled that in place of my normal over-the-knee or knee-high-boots (committing fully to the 70s cause) with this look, the Gucci loafers fit just right. Tempering the summer-of-love subtext (thus preventing the influence of an epoch on me becoming an out and out parody) comes the preppy note of chunky loafers plus pop socks.

You’ll see my in my horsebits and this skirt skirt (and no doubt these pop socks, crusty with wear by January) all winter. Take my word for it! *giddies off* *horsebit, geddit* *you don’t? We’re screwed then*


I’m wearing a vintage coat (similar here), Zara striped turtleneck, MiH x Net-a-Porter denim midi skirt, Topshop pop socks, Gucci flatform loafers (sold out – similar here), Theodora Warre Gypsy earrings and vintage YSL bag (similar here and here)

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