Introducing The High Low


As some of you might remember, last year the journalist and writer Dolly Alderton and I hosted a pop-culture and news show for The Sunday Times called The Pandolly Podcast – which ended in December, with a slightly mad, extended, prosecco-fuelled Christmas special. The podcast grew fast; in under 7 months, we accrued 80,000 followers. When I left The Sunday Times in January, Dolly and I left the podcast behind, to become a glorious relic (the full archive is still available, on the above link, should you want to listen to it).

It was time to start something new. The sandwich did not change. We’re still all about the morphing of the ridiculous and the sublime. During the tenure of The Pandolly Podcast, Dolly and I realised that what we loved discussing and what listeners responded well to (along with our penchant for base wit) was the ‘high low’ mix.

This has become the founding message of The High Low. Inspired by Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, who coined the term ‘high low journalism’ in the 80s to denote an amalgamation of water-cooler gossip and hard-hitting cultural happenings, our new podcast is based on the belief that a life well-lived is one that enjoys both the trivial and the political, from errant chin hair to Trumpian politics – or, as Dolly likes to say: we will be covering stories far and wide, from brows high and low. There shouldn’t be any shame in enjoying all that life has to offer – even if for one minute, of one day, that might include studying what socks Kylie Jenner is wearing because you think your pal has the same pair. Feast from that high/low banquet! Or, rather: come feast with us.

We will, occasionally, have weeks off, but we plan to have a new episode live by 8am every Wednesday. We are also opening up an #askthehighlow segment in every episode, so please do tweet @thehighlowshow or e-mail us, We’d love to hear what you think.

In 6 weeks, we have hit 100,000 listens and been reviewed by The Evening Standard and The Guardian.



Ph. by Eva K. Salvi | Hair by Hershesons | Podcast artwork by Natalia Bagniewska | Jingle by Lauren Benstead

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