Is The Denim Skirt The Latest Victim of Fashion’s Hype ‘n Burn?


I have mixed feelings about the official revival of a trend that has been a perennial in my wardrobe, even during the entire time it was sent to sartorial Coventry by the most formulaic avenues of fashion. It happened with off-the-shoulder blouses (now killed by the high street.) It happened with gingham (it seems that is not far off from death by over-exposure, either. I love it, so this is painful, but it’s like the Taylor Swift of prints, right now.) The latest piece to face this cycle of hype ‘n burn is something a little more familiar to our hinds. It’s the denim skirt.


The denim skirt? You must ask incredulously. Did it ever, uh, go away? No! I protest. Not in my wardrobe, at least. But you were hard pushed for the last few yeats to find one that wasn’t an immaculate button-down from the seventies-infused denim line, MiH. Frayed botty-skimmers stole the mic from the frayed denim skirt, last seen when I was 19, recruited from Urban Outfitters and worn super loose to skim public-bones.


In the way that many things are – inward groan at the revival of Juicy Couture velour and Von Dutch trucker caps – the denim skirt has been revived by cult brand of the moment Vetements (I’m calling it Vetdements because the hype is somewhat dementing) who started selling a multi-seamed one earlier this year for around £800. Mind-blowing. One of my favourite denim brands, Re/Done took the mantle and started selling a similar one for around £230, which I sought inspiration from for next Sunday’s Wardrobe Mistress column in Style. They trickled down further, of course, and all of a sudden Instagram had found it’s basic bitch essential for the summer, back in reduced form: the blue denim mini skirt.


This scares me. The future is untenable, for the denim skirt: after the hype comes the burrrrn. Answer to this? Subvert, or rather divert. Clue: does it have to be blue? No! I’d like to introduce you to two of my favourite denim skirts which skip around the issue with a little tact. One, a vintage white mini I bought from San Francisco four years ago. She gets terribly dirty, she does, but she’s got buckets of Liz Hurley-esque appeal and is hauled nicely out of the naff and into the sass by this pink blouse, from a Korean e-store called Storets which I recently discovered via Hannah. Next up, a black midi length one. This one is a great effort by Topshop. I love the fit, the side slit, the fact that it’s quite smart but also quite grungey (at Style we’re calling it ‘glunge’: glamorous grunge. Because this is the kind of Nobel prize winning shit like this that we discuss.) So! Ditch the blue and flip a new trick.


I’m wearing a Vivian Storets blouse, vintage denim skirt and Mansur Gavriel mules in Flamma | Pandora Sykes x Hunza G ‘Sharon’ blouse, Topshop denim skirt, Gucci belt and Rachel Comey brogues.

Ph. by Eva K. Salvi

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