It’s Pink, But Not As Barbie Knew It


Recently I wrote a piece for Style about my conflicted relationship with the colour pink; how I had hitherto been a pinkaholic but now approached it with trepidation. Prior to the double whammy you see couching this text, I had just three items of pink clothing in my wardrobe. Perhaps, I thought, my problem was not with the colour of pink but the composition of the item itself. If the item is more kooky less cutesy, is the connotation of the pinkness nullified?

I think so. I don’t feel like Barbie in my humungous sleeved candy pink blouse from N-Duo Concept (I love the Ukranian designer’s humorous approach to fashion) and bi-coloured Amelie Pichard snakeprint boots, which have already caused Instagram in-fighting (they’re not for everyone, which is lucky, because I don’t want y’all donning my boots anyway.) Instead, as my boyfriend confirmed, I look like the prawn emoji. And what is the week if not a chance to work your way sartorially through the emoji keyboard? There are serious health hazards that come with a shirt like this; I literally can’t stuff my sleeves into my coat and I ended up with my lunch up my arms. But it’s interesting and unique and it’s those qualities that hooked me. “I don’t get it”, said my boyfriend, typically a fan of my style, but currently bewildered. “That’s OK”, I soothed. “You don’t have to get it. I do, and that’s enough.”


Blouse from N-Duo Concept SS16, Re/Done Levi’s, Amelie Pichard python boots and Jessie Harris Ledge Knocker earrings.

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