I’ve Worn 487 Of Them: But I Am Yet To *Own* A Suit


In my alias as Wardrobe Mistress of The Sunday Times Style, I’ve lost how count of how many suits I’ve worn in my column. In my tenure I’ve donned the wares of a great young, coloured suiting brand called Hebe (Racil-lite for those who can’t afford Racil Chalhoub’s beautiful offerings), a patterned one by Jour/ne, a mini skirted glittery one by my favourite Bella Freud, a burgundy one by Reiss (who make the best work-appropriate slim-fit suits) a silky patterned floral one from Red Herring at Debenhams, a candy pink one from Next… and that’s just off the top of my head. None of them, however, have made it out of the studio and in to my own IRL ‘drobe.


It’s not that these suits are no good. Quite the opposite: they all served excellent, different purposes for my readers, which is why I slunk in to them in the first place. It’s more that I’ve never yet found the exact right suit for me. What do I think that suit is? Well, I have it seared onto my frontal lobe: it’s electric blue, silk, with a high-waist and tapered trousers, and a fitted jacket with wide lapels and strong shoulder pads… suits may have come close – the closest being Cara Delevingne at her Mulberry bag launch *google it* – but nothing I have found thus far has quite nailed it.


This suit is not that suit. But it’s very, very good. I loved how easy it was to wear; how easy it was to photograph. I am typically scared of a loose, loungey style as I am petite and suit a fitted silhouette more than I do a wide-leg loose-hipped. But this suit is really original and surprisingly flattering, something I have found much of Swedish brand Rodebjer’s offerings to be. For this season they also have an entire capsule of ribbed burgundy pieces – a tunic, a polo neck, cropped trousers, a wrap skirt – and they literally all work if you pile them one on top of the other. It’s like magic, I’ve never quite seen a brand nail sartorial algebra so cleverly. I recently introduced Rodebjer as a ‘one to watch’ in my Wardrobe Mistress column, and this suit is proof to why. I’m not hugely impressed by masses of Swedish brands at the moment – the Danes, currently, definitely have the edge – so Rodebjer sticks out like a suit in Soho House. So, no. It’s not that suit; but dang, it’s pretty good.


I’m wearing a Rodebjer suit and Lanvin courts | Sponsored by Rodebjer

Ph. by Eva K. Salvi

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