Long John Silver

Nothing screams ‘fun loving’ like a pair of frayed cut-offs. And what could be sexier than a beach babe swooning around sun-strewn locales, in a pair of Daisy Dukes? Indeed nothing. But, considerably less fun and sexy is London’s very modern epidemic of girls trotting down the high street, with a peachy percentage of bottom hanging out. Buttocks used to be things tucked away inside clothing (she sighs, nostalgically), but now they’ve become like knees.

There’s no avoiding it, super-short denims are not suitable for city life. With this in mind — and the fact that however stubbornly resistant I may be towards it, summer is segueing into Autumn — I’ve been tending towards the longer cut-off. As well as being chicer and the length on the leg, more flattering (in my eyes), they’re also infinitely more wearable. I bought a pair of red Levi longer-length cut-offs in California, but these ones are just some long cast-aside River Island skinny jeans that I chopped up.

I’m also sporting one of my many Oxford shirts. Men’s Oxford shirts are my equivalent of a basic marl t-shirt; I wear them at least every other day. T-shirts, like jeans and plain crew-neck sweaters are basics that make me feel frumpy. It’s an inconvenient issue to have — they’re called basics for a reason — but I always feel uncomfortable in them. Oversized button-downs are therefore a dime a dozen in my wardrobe and I was particularly happy to chance upon this vintage one, on the Golborne Road, having been looking to add a dark blue stripy one to my collection for the past year. So, there you have it. Easy breezy stripes and denim long johns. If only every day could be this simple.

I’m wearing a vintage striped shirt, (similar here), cut-off River Island jeans (similar jeans here), vintage sandals from The Reformation, RayBan Clubmasters and a Dogeared necklace

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