Notes on Practicality


Confession: I find ‘weekend dressing’ the hardest. Off-duty; low-key; relaxed; lo-fi; whatever the heck you want to call it, I am not very good at it. Dresses and knee high boots, mini skirts and statement coats, that I can do with aplomb. But comfy dressing? Fuck, I struggle. I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching as to why I find this so difficult. Is it vanity? There is no doubt that a heel, even of the 2.5inch sort, adds a pep in my step. Is it a fear of looking too young? Too girly? Too frumpy? Certainly, I long to be one of those beanpoles who looks chic as shit in just a sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and a scuffed Converse. But I don’t even wear Converse.

Recently, I’ve been pushing myself to lay down the tools to a wardrobe of whimsy and address the matter of practicality. This is not just because I love a challenge, but more because I think it’s important to be okay with myself in an outfit that does not sing, or dance. The irony, of course, is that studded socks and PVC coats are probably so zhushy they scare some individuals, but for me the crew-neck, denim and loafer combination place this firmly in the proletarian category. Mainly, I wanted to nail my sartorial comfort because I of how I feel. I have written before about my frequently aching lower back and my various stomach problems. This means I can’t totter around in heels and my stomach leaves me feeling unattractive and insecure. Wearing a cracking outfit that has lots to say, has been my way of countering that feeling.

But – and perhaps this is something to do with me hurtling towards my 30th birthday; I’ve certainly been considering everything about my life in an odd sort of existential context – as I get older, I realise I have to be able to set aside those weapons with which I wage a battle against various parts of my own body.

At least, whilst making these grand gestures of my wardrobe’s self I have the world’s best striped jumper at my hand. The striped crew-neck has made an unexpected, blistering comeback; first with Gucci’s last year but originally, of course, courtesy of Gap, 15 years ago. Many people remember that Gap striped jumper with the same sense of nostalgia they attach to the Gap logo hoodie. Now, thrillingly, plenty of other brands have jumped on the bandwagon, from Allude Cashmere to this insanely soft one by Madeleine Thompson. Gap themselves have even reissued their original.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.





I’m wearing a bespoke Charlotte Simone Mac Daddy coat, Madeleine Thompson cashmere jumper, Rouje jeans, Baum und Pfedgarten socks, Gucci loafers and a Mulberry bag.

Ph. by Eva K. Salvi

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