Pampelone! Sardegna!


Apart from ‘Sardegna’ and ‘scemato’ for skinny (milk – but don’t bother, this is Italia you fool, they no-a like-a the skeeny and after 4 days of lobster and chips my thighs no-a like-a the skeeny either) my grappling of Italian was/is poor. It’s insulting idiocy not to take a phrasebook away to whichever country you are patronising (in fact, plain patronising) but somehow I always forget. One language I do speak well, on the other hand, is the language of beach dressing. Fill me up with frilly white skimpies, to the detriment of my working wardrobe! Is my misguided mantra.

After a truly horrendous British summer thus far, which has seen me don a swimsuit not once, I was chomping at the bit to give my Aqauzzura espadrilles a promenade or four. I love pretty much everything Edgardo Aquazzura does, but these shoes really do elevate my ‘frivolous fashionista’ (is there any term more deplorable?) to another level. When I was packing to return this morning, the one thing I was worried about if my suitcase got nicked from the carousel (does anyone else have a TOTAL, MORBID FEAR that their luggage will go missing? I typically start to cry sweaty post-flight honky-honk tears before the suitcases have even finished their merry circular jaunt around the luggage belt) was losing these shoes. See: frivolity, above.

As for the dress, it’s from new British beachwear label Pampelone, which I just can’t applaud enough for coming along when it did. In short, it does what it says on the tin: makes snazzy looking beachwear for non-Net-a-P prices. I adore Zimmerman, Missoni, Talitha and Lisa-Marie Fernandez et al but I have to sell an aunt (don’t worry, I have loads) everytime I want to buy one of their creations. Pampelone is the brainchild of an ex-PR and everything – playsuits, mini to maxi dresses and peasant tops – is between £50 and £100. Not cheap cheap, sure, but probably what good quality clothes should cost, in our quest to leave fast fashion behind and enter a newly thoughtful realm.
For anyone confused, it might be helpful for me to add that this Bardot dress is meant to be worn off the shoulder. I love off the shoulder styles; I really do. But sometimes shoveling said top down to its breast-peak position can be a hassle and I actually really like how this one fares ‘full chest’. Useful for when you want to protect your decolletage from the sun, too. As my older sister always says, it’s that bit and your face that wrinkles – feel free to toast your calves. And that’s all my sun advice for today folks!


I’m wearing a Pampelone Bardot dress, Aquazzura x Mochila espadrilles and Theodora Warre Gypsy earrings.

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