The Redux Levi’s 501


Once upon a time, before the time of designer, destination denim – there were Levi’s 501. Singular, obviously. So the irony is not wasted on me that they are now the fashion item of this summer. Fashion’s unintentional swings and roundabouts – and the industry’s ability to make retro anti-trends newly trendy – comes no closer to the point than in this case; jeans that emphasise your groin and your bum without clinging to the nuances of your sinews – say in the way skinny jeans have become famed for – are now the sartorial must-have. The anti-flattery jean is now the certified spring hit.

And in the way that I doth protest about not being a fashion victim, I enjoy this aspect of them immensely and am therefore, not immune to fashion’s very own non-intentional ironies. Insert mock sigh, here, for such is the journey of a fashion editor. Come summer, a crop top will suffice, but for now it’s a padded kimono jacket. Saw me through the last day of a tiring fashion week in supreme comfort.


Thank you to Mercedes Benz UK.
Ph. by Tommy Ton for Crystal Nicodemus for Nordstrom// We The People Style// My iPhone// Phil Oh for

I’m wearing a Cecilie Copenhagen jacket, vintage sunglasses, Finery London belt, Levi’s 501s, Gucci Soho Bag and Free People boots.

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