The Silhouette Of Spring


I am extremely fussy about jeans. I’m short, I have a bodacious butt (or a “feminine boo-tay” as my flatmate called it yesterday) and the idea that I may find some cropped jeans that agreed with me seemed unrealistic. But Hobbs of all places came up trumps and when it did, I thought “aha! What this needs is some high boots.” I basked in my lightbulb moment, chucking a signature Saks Potts o’er the top (I’ve currently swapped the loan of this one with a cobalt blue one.)

Obviously, my lightbulb moment was not as genius as I imagined, because dozens of other fuhshun week attendees over the past month – including Alexa, in some very excellent AG Jeans jeans and black ankle boots that look like the kind I’ve been hunting for, for decades – adopted this very same silhouette. I’m think a large proportion of us subconsciously swallowed the Louis Vuitton SS15 runway, where Olympia Campbell married lilac flares with ankle boots.

So that’s the truth of it. But another truth is that it’s a surprisingly workable silhouette. I always thought that with anything cropped, or longer length, you needed a flash of ankle. But unless you are very narrow hipped, a slightly wider pair of boots just hidden by the hem of the jeans, actually balances the proportions out better. I’m calling it “the science of the silhouette”. Possibly the title of my first book, definitely what I’ll be wearing for most of 2015.


Ph. by Candice Lake// Crystal for Nordstrom

I’m wearing a Saks Potts jacket, Gap shirt (with my own ribbon), Hobbs Tula jeans, Gucci horsebit boots, Sandro bag and Annelise Michelson Dechainee single wire earring.

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