Triple Denim

The thing about multiple denim is the heady swell of nostalgia it brings. Who can wear a triplet of denim without thinking about Britney and Justin, the Golden Years? If only poodle curls like those would come back en vogue, then my hair could be at one with its natural state. Maybe that’s one that truly should stay in the past, on second thought….

On the opposing side of the coin, of course, is how modern triple denim can also be. Thanks to Marques Almeida – always thanks to them – the wonder of frayed denim has been brought to the world. I cannot deny that they were a fixture in my mind when I invested in this two piece from Front Row Shop (the best thing being that they can be worn separately as well as together; the crop top being a favourite partner to my culottes) and the natural match was obviously my now frayed Topshop jeans, that I hacked the hems off last summer.

Where once I may have wondered how I can compile an entire outfit out of denim (I stopped short of adding a denim jacket, but I can’t deny that thought tip toed into my mind) it now seems the easiest triptych in the world. Question is, will I ever be able to wear one piece of denim alone AGAIN? And equally, how did I not notice the veritable legion of fag butts around my feet? Such questions of weight. Answers, as ever, on a postcard tweet.

I’m wearing a Two Piece Denim Set from Front Row Shop, old Topshop Jeans (similar here) and Balenciaga Heels

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