What Do You Wear When Your Dungarees Split?


This isn’t a hypothetical question. My dungarees actually did split. Though down the side not the ass, which is a comedic moment which I think everyone should experience just once. I was heading out the door feeling all voulez-vous Francais in my white shirt and black dungarees, a note of preppiness provided by the loafers and pea coat. And then whaddya know post-pee the Big Split of 2015. Boyfriend couldn’t help, boyfriend with 5 minutes of camera-taking spare time was now onto 4 minutes, so I grabbed the jeans I had been wearing 4 days previously instead.

Unsurprisingly, I don’t often wear the same thing 4 days in a row. I feel like it would not be becoming – given my work environment – for me to attempt the same outfit 4 days solid, though I recall there being something pretty empowering about a uniform. With these jeans, I make an exception. I’ve gone through my fair pair of vintage Levi’s and more often than not, I feel quite cumbersome in them. There’s a reason why skinny jeans revolutionised a woman’s expectations of her jeans; an old-school pair of Levi’s doesn’t have that same transformative sucking and slimming ability.

But these ones are truly spectacular. Not only do they fit really well, they have the embroidery of dreams. The embroidery of Vilshenko and Talitha, that I can’t really afford. These, too, aren’t cheap. But Bliss and Mischief has won the heart of every fashion journalist I know. Why? LOOK AT MY ASS. It’s tightly packed in, with a beautiful lilac rose embroidered o’er it. Actually you can’t see it in these pictures, so you will just have to picture it (lucky you.) If I were to win at life, in a pair of jeans, then these jeans would be it.


I’m wearing a Paul and Joe Paris coat, a Hermes scarf, a Gap shirt, Bliss and Mischief jeans and Gucci flatform loafers.

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